Erika Davis-Bajzák

Physiotherapist, masseur

Health always becomes valuable when it loses its balance in some form. Exactly that’s why I find preservation and prevention important.
Women must give special emphasis on this, as they give birth and take on most of the child rearing. Even pregnancy is a great test of strength for the body, the spine. As a physiotherapist, I consider it important to restore the stability of the spine before pregnancy. During breastfeeding, exercising the upper back region is very important, since lifting the baby and breastfeeding makes heavy use of the upper back section.

In addition to exercises, I find it very important for the body to replenish vitamins and, last but not least, minerals as well, as pregnancy and breastfeeding use the female body strongly.

I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for 31 years. I spent 24 years in the Sport Hospital, I’ve been working in the private sector for 7 years.

In addition to treatments after sports injuries, treating today’s spinal problems fills my days. As a physiotherapist, I try to care for the patients who turn to me in every possible way. Treatments available at me:
– physiotherapy
– massage
– compiling a personalized physiotherapy program and controlling them
– individual and group (4-5 people) sessions.

In addition to this, due to my work and helping my patients, I’ve been working for Forever Living Product for 4 years. Thus, I can advise that we need to support our joints not only from the outside but also from the inside to be able to live without pain in the long run. Many of my spinal cord patients have avoided the surgical solution with my regular treatments and the Forever supplements I recommend. I try to help as a physiotherapist and as a representative of Forever Living Product.

Erika Davis-Bajzák
Mobile: +36 20 923 2581


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