Csilla Forró

Macrobiotics consultant.

There are 3 Kushi Institutes in the world, where you can become a certified macrobiotics consultant. Moreover, there are more and more centers in the world focusing on macrobiotics.

US, the Netherlands and Japan. There is an acknowledged counselor training at these three locations, in addition to which several courses can be taken on.

In the spring of 2010, I headed to the US, to Beckett, the first center set up by Michio Kushi to spend 1 month there as part of the counselor program.

And in the fall of 2011, I headed to Amsterdam, to the European Kushi Institute to pursue my studies there as part of the Art of Lifeschool. I completed all three levels, each takes 2 weeks. The 3 months ended up being half a year, during which I gained a lot of practical experience in cooking.

The main difference between the two schools is that while in the US the emphasis is on theory and more knowledge can be gained due to the longer duration (1 month/course), in Amsterdam the emphasis is on practice, especially on cooking. Their principle is to learn to cook macrobiotic food deliciously so after that we can enjoy studying the theoretical background. Naturally, everyone can learn this the best at home next to the wooden spoon to experience for yourself what has what effect.

Due to my own experience and studies, I mostly try to help in the case of endometriosis, but I’m also happy to give advice on minor problems such as allergies or lack of vitality.

Biotúra Makromódra


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