Réka Gáborjáni

Women’s yoga instructor, perinatal consultant, sacred women’s teacher.  (Workshops, expectant mother yoga, preparation for childbirth, being a doula.)

I have been practicing yoga for over twenty-five years, teaching for over twenty years, and working with women for over a decade – and even longer with myself. In my life, more masculine and feminine periods alternated like waves, all of which led me to learn about my own nature. Even now, I’m standing at a certain point in the flow that we call Life, and I can enjoy more and more that – in my good moments – being together with the flow I don’t want to want. Our name is a “call,” I am Reka as a river – a stream, and Aradhana, my spiritual name reminds me to experience what IS actually there then and there.

I’m also a women’s yoga instructor, so movement classes (yoga) that are specifically customized to women, focused on body-conscious and gentle body sensations inspire me! For many years, I’ve been researching both in myself and external sources the forgotten teachings and practices of women that have kept women in strength and health for millennia. You can visit the website Classes For Women to learn more about my classes in this topic and my workshops.

Besides, as one of the most experienced senior Expectant mother yoga instructor, I take part in several instructor trainings as well. I had been douling for years and I keep giving birth preparation courses and expectant mother yoga classes. Still today, I learn the greatest humility from expectant mothers about the sacredness of being a woman and experiencing the spiritual quality in an ordinary, bodily way: I get a lot from them. Further information on this:

I have three beautiful children and we live and teach with my composer-yoga instructor husband. Without his masculine support, I could not live my femininity as I do it now. More on my husband’s Shivantar – Tallis website and details about the Integrated Kundalini Yoga classes see:




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