Zita Kurczweski-Tamás

Nutrition and lifestyle coach, writer of the Endohelper blog

The challenges related to my female health set me off on my helping way, as in 2013 I had to face endometriosis, which started big changes in my life. Faced with the diagnosis, after the surgery, I helped myself with lifestyle change, emotional-spiritual work and a change of view to do myself for my healing. I experienced how these can successfully promote the reduction of the symptoms and the healing. And all of these encouraged me to gain deeper knowledge in this field.

I studied naturopathy, then functional nutrition and I received a nutrition and lifestyle coach qualification. I’ve been operating the website since 2015, where the blog contains numerous articles can be read about endometriosis: both the medical approach and the complementary, alternative therapies and dietary and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate the symptoms of endometriosis and the healing. 

With the online diet and lifestyle program for those affected by endometriosis, my goal is to help those on the path to diet and lifestyle changes who want to support their health and healing in this way as well.





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