Zsuzsanna Mixtay

Macrobiotic lifestyle and natural remedies consultant.

Thanks to my health challenges (endometriosis, myomas), I started my way on microbiotics and natural remedies, through which a whole new world opened up to me. I’ve learned that taking responsibility for ourselves, the freedom of choice and action are the beginning of healing. Everybody is responsible for what happens to them and around them and is able to influence and determine it through their actions, thoughts, emotions.

Microbiotics was the way for me that brought me whole recovery and through recovery it gave me back the possibility of having children. After a series of unsuccessful surgeries and hormonal treatments, I started this journey, which soon showed how happy, free it feels and how effective it can be if a person takes responsibility for themselves and act for themselves.

Since I wanted the best for myself, I visited the Kushi Institute of Europe in the Netherlands to attend the Art of Life School trainings, thus gaining a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of macrobiotic lifestyle.
Along the way, I also became interested in other methods that provide natural healing opportunities, so in order to expand my knowledge, I completed the three-year college-level training at the College of Natural Healing and the Free University, where I graduated as a Natural Healing Consultant. Driven by personal motivation and for the purpose of disseminating knowledge, I wrote my thesis entitled Healing Possibilities for Women with Endometriosis through a Macrobiotic Lifestyle.
At first, I was most interested in treatments that affect the physical body, but as the years go by, I put more and more emphasis on spiritual factors, causes, and the healing of the soul and emotional states.
Combining my macrobiotic knowledge and experience with other natural healing methods (Bach Flower Therapy, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Movement, etc.), I help people who turn to me to heal and maintain their health with personalized, complex therapy.





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